Jenny Munford

Jenny Munford is the CEO and Founder of Creative Bube Tube, an international and award-winning fully integrated ad agency and production company specializing in TV, digital and social media. In 2011, Jenny was named RBC Canadian Woman Entrepreneur of the Year. She’s considered a groundbreaking, visionary entrepreneur with over 20 years of marketing, advertising and business experience. Under her stewardship, with representation from east to west in both the United States and Canada, this full-service ad agency serves medium to large clients from across the globe in sports, pharmaceutical, health and lifestyle, food and beverage, automotive, and other industries. Jenny motivates her team of 30+ employees daily to be the best they can be through creating an environment that is synonymous with her three core beliefs: passion, energy and intelligence.

From the very young age of nine, Jenny’s parents had her working in the family business. For Jenny, the restaurant was playground a where she had fun serving clients, designing menus, creating “ad campaigns,” and earning lots of tips. Today, Jenny still holds the belief that a company should be a playground for adults. Work should be fun, and if one is not having fun, one should make a change immediately – life is so short! Jenny has taken this mantra and infused it into the culture of Creative Bube Tube by promoting constant creative freedom and continued learning opportunities for all of her employees.

Prior to the conception of Creative Bube Tube, Jenny spent 14 years of her life in Germany where she built a multi-million dollar business in the health and wellness industry. Family ties then brought her back to Canada in 2003 and shortly after returning; she followed her husband (conditioning coach in the NBA) to Charlotte, North Carolina, where she worked for one of the east coast’s largest commercial production companies. In 2006, Jenny returned home to Canada with a vision; she started Creative Bube Tube out of her home office on a $3000 investment.

Having grown her one-person, one-client show to its present-day status of 30+ employees and offices across North America, Creative Bube Tube has produced over 400 campaigns since opening in 2006. The goal is to have Creative Bube Tube go toe-to-toe against any ad agency in the world by always providing a personal touch and stand-out-in-a-crowd creative for each and every one of her valued clients.

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