Jenny Munford

Jenny Munford’s Bio

Jenny Munford: Entrepreneur, Professional Speaker and Trainer

RBC Canadian Woman Entrepreneur of the Year Award -2011

Young Adventurer Jenny Munford’s adventure is one that extends back to her childhood, when at the precocious age of nine, she worked in her parents family restaurant cutting her teeth in serving clients, designing menus, creating ad campaigns and earning lots of appreciative tips. She recalls the experience as a happy one full of much laughter and encouragement. It was that nascent experience that formulated her belief that work should be a joyful place and she has endeavored to infuse that philosophy into the culture of all her companies by promoting creative spontaneity, freedom of expression and by providing continued learning opportunities for all her employees.

International Adventurer Jenny’s adventurous journey finds her next stop in a completely foreign Country! She decided to take her childhood-honed talents and aspirations and her college degree to Germany and in less than a year was speaking the language fluently. Using her naturally energetic and industrious nature she spent the next 14 years in Germany building a multi-million dollar business in the health and wellness industry, garnering the prestigious Frankfurt Business Woman of the Year award along the way.

Eventually, family ties took Jenny’s adventure path back to Canada in 2003 and shortly thereafter she moved to Charlotte North Carolina in part because of her husband’s (Chris’) work, and for the opportunity to work for one of the East Coast’s largest commercial production companies. It was there that Jenny started to combine and ferment the lessons, insights and inspirations she had garnered over the years for her vision – Creative Bube Tube. In 2006, Jenny and Chris, return to Canada and with $3000 and a sturdy kitchen table Jenny opened Creative Bube Tube, a full-services advertising and production company.

Core Values of an Adventurer Jenny is considered a groundbreaking visionary entrepreneur and under her stewardship she has grown her one-person, one-client vision, into a company with representation from east to west in both the United States and Canada and one that serves medium to large clients across a variety of industries. Clients ranging from sports to pharmaceuticals, to health and lifestyle, to food and beverage, to automotive and countless other industries and most specifically retail brands and Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) clients have all seen their brands flourish and products sales exponentially increase under the stewardship of Jenny and her team.  Jenny’s core values of passion, energy and intelligence infused throughout her company is brought to life in the amazing and collaborative campaigns her wonderful team of employees have created and which have been recognized by multiple awards and accolades…the personal culmination for Jenny being awarded the prestigious RBC Canadian Woman Entrepreneur of the year award -2011.

Today’s Adventurer In Jenny’s words: “any good adventure should have in it, the ability to seize an opportunity that presents itself.” With her extensive retail branding experience and the recognition that the nature of connecting brands with customers has become an ever-evolving two-way communication dynamic, Jenny decided to seize on an opportunity: Recognizing that her company has evolved to deliver revolutionary integrated marketing communications and public relations campaigns across multiple screens, on multiple platforms and in multiple media and thus engaging customers interactively with retail brands and CPGs, Jenny has re-positioned her company under the name Campaign House to reflect that direction. Campaign House helps CPG’s and their target audiences have two-way conversations, or as Jenny likes to put it; “two-way interactive, mutually enjoyable adventures”.

and the adventure continues…


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